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Every year Design Camp—AIGA Minnesota’s premier design conference— takes on a theme to encompass the weekend. In 2018 they chose Inside Out, and with that loose direction kicked us off on a complete event branding.




Along with Minneapolis design wizards Cue, I built a brand on the dichotomy of the internal and external, playing off the primary words in the theme. This carried through web and social executions before the event and throughout the branding and collateral on site.



We create in dim home offices, late at night, with the dull hum of a processor. We create around noisy white boards with free-flowing music and free-flowing ideas. We create for chaotic urban spaces and for noisy social feeds, consumed by headphone-deafened commuters and silent scrollers.

Everything we do comes from inside us, but is informed and affected by innumerable influences outside our control. It can be daunting, or it can be liberating.

It’s time to turn the inside out. To take risks that wouldn’t usually see the light of day. To embrace the known unknowns. To reveal yourself and your creativity.

It’s in you. Now, let it out.